About Holly Simple

Holly Simple is a Brooklyn based artist, cartoonist, illustrator, gif guru, and emo sketchblogger.

Holly Simple Studio was born in 2014 with the creation of Holly's first zine Roy G. Biv is DEAD. From there, her digital sketchblog was born (take a peek HERE). As more and more zines, gags, and gifs came to fruition, the vision for Holly Simple Tarot was ignited after her first reading - thus the journey of creating an emotional and spiritually personal deck began!

Through HOLLY SIMPLE FINE, Holly's characters are brought to life by creating wearable statement pieces. 14k, brass, and sterling are molded into familiar faces and enhanced using tiny precious stones. Holly's first piece, the Bleeding Eye Ring was inspired by her crying eye illustrations. The collection grew as she began carving and molding large lovable creatures. In order to keep them alive, they had to be made into wearable friends. See the collection here

It is IMPERATIVE that the grime of the indie zine and comics scene live throughout her work and visa versa; be it in a 14k gold ring that portrays a drippy bloody tear, or through the use of glitter and gold in a simple lapel pin. Holly Simple Studio is a considered collection of highbrow/lowbrow creations :)

Follow her creative journey below!